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Ecostyle oerbalans pellets

Ecostyle OerBalans is the missing link for horses. This is a herbal mixture and contains everything a horse naturally needs.
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Ecostyle Oerbalans Pellets

Ecostyle OerBalans is the missing link for horses. This is a herbal mixture and contains everything a horse naturally needs. The combination of high-quality herbs, vitamins, minerals and trace elements makes this herb food so complete that it not only stimulates the liver for the metabolism, but also supports the immune system. Ecostyle OerBalans naturally keeps the horse in balance.

Use Ecostyle OerBalans when:

  • Supplement basic ration with herbs
  • Complement vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Horses that only receive roughage or little concentrate feed
  • Imbalance in resistance
  • Summer fever
Plus d’information
Substance (liquid, powder etc)Grain


Herbs 32%: Nettle, Rosemary leaves, Horsetail, Licorice root, Chicory root, Milk thistle.

Calcium algae (Maerl), calcium sodium phosphate, beet molasses (only in OerBalans powder), sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, roots, seaweed (dried), malt germs, wheat semolina, apple pulp (dried) and yeast.

Vitamins: 600,000 I.E. A (3a672a), 60,000 I.E. D3 (E 671), 1,000 mg E, 48 mg B1, 144 mg B2, 64 mg B6 / pyridoxine hydrochloride, 800 μg B12, 480 mg niacinamide, 240 mg calcium D-pantothenate, 3,000 μg biotin.

Analysis: 7.1% crude protein, 1.9% crude fat, 6.6% crude fiber, 49.9% crude ash, 7.0% hydrochloric acid insoluble ash, 10.8% calcium, 2.3% phosphorus, 4.0% sodium, 2.6% magnesium.

Additions per kg

Nutritional additives: trace elements:

2,000 mg zinc as zinc oxide (3b603), 1,000 mg zinc as zinc chloride hydroxide monohydrate (3b609), 700 mg copper as copper II sulfate pentahydrate (E 4), 600 mg iron as iron II sulfate monohydrate (E 1), 300 mg manganese as manganese II oxide (E 5), 10 mg iodine as calcium iodate anhydrous (3b202), 10 mg cobalt as coated granules cobalt (II) carbonate (3b304), 20 mg selenium as sodium selenite (E 8), 10 mg selenium as selenomethione produced by saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC (inactivated selenated yeast) (3b8.11).



  Normal dosis: High dosis:
Horse 600 kg 80-120 g 120-160 g
Pony 400-600 kg 70-90 g 90-120 g
Pony 150-300 kg 50-70 g 70-90 g
Foal 50-80 g  

The measuring cup of OerBalans pellets contains 120 grams. The green stripe on the measuring cup indicates 70 grams.

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