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Rambo micklem multibride

Bride unique en son genre, totalement modelée d'après une étude approfondie visant à respecter les particularités de la tête du cheval
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Bride unique en son genre, totalement modelée d'après une étude approfondie visant à respecter les particularités de la tête du cheval. En effet, la tête du cheval est parcourue de nerfs très sensibles, notamment le long du chanfrein et autour des zigomatiques, la bride Rambo Micklem a été conçu pour ne pas créer de pression sur ces nerfs, ce qui la rend la plus confortable du marché pour les chevaux.

La bride peut être utilisée à la fois comme filet avec ou sans mors et également comme Caveçon pour longer grâce à son anneau sur le dessus de la muserolle. Pour une utilisation sans mors, il y a 3 variations possibles, allant de léger à un peu plus dur.

La bride est disponible en noir ou en brun.

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Plus d’information
MarqueRambo Micklem
IngredientHorseware - Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle A NEW Bridle for Unrivalled Comfort Designed from the inside out to fit the shape of the horse's skull, the Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is the most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever invented. The Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is the first bridle that has been designed from the shape of the horses' skull itself instead of just from the outside appearance of the head. Not only is it comfortable and humane but its versatility in its multi functions is invaluable. It comprises of three main pieces of equipment...A bridle, a lunge cavesson and a bitless bridle (with 3 alternatives). The complete design of the common bridle has not been challenged in many years and the designer of the Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle, William Micklem, has highlighted inherent problems with the existing shape and style. Damage and discomfort is frequently caused from pressure to the facial nerves, the projecting cheek bones and upper jaw molar teeth. Therefore William Micklem recognized the need to design a bridle that prevents any damage to the facial nerves or sensitive tissues lining the cheeks and inside the mouth. However not only does the Rambo Micklem MultiBridle overcome these main areas of discomfort but also the inherent danger of lunging off a bridle and/or the discomfort caused from fitting a traditional lunge cavesson over a bridle. Additional benefits are for horses who resist due pain around the frequently damaged bars of the mouth or hate too much pressure on the tongue and as a result fight the contact or get their tongue over the bit and then finally the bridle is taken comfortably on a wide and padded headpiece rather than all the weight going on one narrow noseband strap. The potential market for the Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is almost endless. Its appeal would apply to the following... • Amateurs and Professionals alike who look for better and kinder options • Pleasure Riders and Parents which can save money by just buying one bridle • Young Riders and Novice Adults who need to led or lunged at times and their horses and ponies who so often suffer from a restricting rein contact • Young Horses & Ponies who need to be lunged and ridden • Event and Racing Yards where fast work often means tongues get squashed • Riding Schools and Training Centres who can now reduce costs and increase flexibility according to the needs of each rider • Long Distance and Hunting Riders who will love the improved comfort and flexibility The Rambo® Micklem MulitBridle was also the recent winner of the BETA 2008 Innovation Awards where its logical and effective design was recognized as a revolutionary step for the way in which we bridle our horses.
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