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EGO7 was born to become the number one equestrian sport brand, able to stand out, a leading company in progress and performance. Our mission is to strengthen our commitment to an innovative concept of accessible exclusivity, always reaffirming its absolute uniqueness. We are competitive and rigorous especially with ourselves, we love the challenge and we aim for excellence. We have made innovation an art, developed a seductive and performing design, we are a new concept of accessible exclusivity. We are knights like you, dynamic, we never stop. We are young, eclectic and creative, now and forever. We need security to be able to excel, and that’s what we offer, the certainty of being the best. Our combination is made of many facets that balance. Everyone must express himself in his own way, outside the rules but in the same way in line, to finally become one, in connection with himself and the horse. Closing our eyes, listening to us in the deepest, we feel the beat of our heart. The two halves work independently, double and complete, we can finally reach our EGO.

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